Alliances: Strategic Partnership Development

Whether you have a disruptive technology that needs resources for commercialization, or your company needs new, out of the box innovation to develop new markets, The Green Edge identifies and facilitates the right alliance.

Ideas Looking for Resources
Distribution, licensing or investment by the right strategic partner can enable start-up or smaller companies with unique Intellectual Property to obtain the resources, capabilities and the market access necessary to fully develop their business potential.

Resources Looking for Ideas
Current and potential market leaders maintain their edge and accelerate their growth through external innovation to complement their internal development. The Green Edge identifies, qualifies and facilitates the acquisition of new capabilities.

We Don’t Play Both Sides…But We Do Play Either Side
The Green Edge has been instrumental in establishing new market leaders – in various industries, and around the world – by securing optimal financial, technological, operational, and marketing resources for start-ups. Similarly, we have assisted global market leaders in the identification and acquisition of external innovations that have accelerated their growth.


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